Is Scrum For Infrastructure Work?

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A frequent question is whether Scrum should be used for “infrastructure projects.” Then they get vague when I ask for specific examples. We’ve already talked about how the “project” construct can be harmful.


@mj Yeah, I’ve covered that question in two ways, which seems to make people satisfied: Define infrastructure as two things (a) putting computers on desks and put cables in new offices, (b) supporting product development.

Then for (a) I say there is probably no Scrum.

For (b) I suggest that DevOps ideas might work, then define DevOps as having three meanings/stages:

  1. Use Dev practices in Ops (increase automation in Ops).
  2. Have some Ops people join Dev teams.
  3. Merge Dev and Ops, no more ops/infrastructure group.

It is vague enough for me to be comfortable with. It is specific enough for them to be satisfied with.