Calendar and Registration


Dates Class Location Price1 Register/Inquire
Jan 17-18 Certified Scrum Master Seattle, WA (U-Dist) $875/$1200 inquire
Mar 28-29 Certified Scrum Master Seattle, WA (U-Dist) $875/$1200 inquire
Jul 22-24 Certified LeSS Practitioner w/ Craig Larman Seattle, WA (U-Dist) $2299/$2699 inquire

Seattle Scrum Company has never cancelled a class.

Yet-To Be Scheduled Events

We have had inquiries about a 1-day Certified LeSS Basics class, and a casual, free mob programming workshop in the U-District. If we get a few more inquires we’ll schedule these. So please let us know.


Out of thousands of participants in past years, the few we’ve had unsatisfying experiences with were those who realized too late in the training process that Scrum and Agile are very different from what they’ve done before, especially if they were calling it “Scrum.”

WARNING: Scrum and Agile are very different from what you’ve done before, especially if you were calling it “Scrum.”

The preparation work is intended to get everyone mostly ready to pass the tests so that classroom activities can focus on more useful topics. We seem to have improved everyone’s outcomes by using the following unconventional registration process:

  1. Please email Tommi about the class you’re interested in. The email links above are provided for your convenience.
  2. Tommi will send details, answer questions, and ask you to confirm you’re able to make time to complete the preparation work (six e-learning modules with embedded quizzes), will be able to control your phone texting addiction, etc.
  3. (OPTIONAL) While not required, we encourage you to establish a rapport with your trainer Michael James (MJ) by writing or phoning +1.206.769.5282 during business hours.
  4. Decide if this is the class for you at this time. If you might prefer someone else’s class, you can find them here: Or feel free to ask us who we recommend. Most Scrum Alliance trainers are good, but there are a couple we’d steer you away from.
  5. Tommi, via QuickBooks, will email you an invoice with online payment instructions, a calendar invitation with details, etc.
  6. (OPTIONAL) Unless you were a last-minute enrollment, we’ll email you a self-assessment measuring your current understanding of the preparation work before class. Optionally, send us your answers and ask for help in any areas you may need.

TIP: base your self-assessment answers on the preparation materials rather than what your employer currently does.

  1. All pricing listed as: early bird rate / standard rate. Please inquire for early bird rate expirations.